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IPRN Payment Plans And Processing

We understand receiving payments is an integral part of your business strategy and we offer several payment terms to accommodate your business goals. You may have a high transaction rate and need a weekly payment structure to accommodate business needs and better manage finances. Alternatively, longer term payment options may be an attractive option to capitalize on higher profit margins. Regardless of your business needs, we have a solution to ensure your revenues are delivered seamlessly without hassle.

Available Payment Terms for Premium Numbers

For our weekly plans, the business cycle starts on Monday and runs thru Sunday. The monthly billing cycle is calculated on the 1st of each month for activity from the 1st till the end of the prior month that had just closed.
For example, monthly activity from June 1st - June 30th would be calculated on the 1st of July.
Here is a list of the available terms we offer.
Please Note: We are unable to post a payment until we have received the funds from the supplier and all payments are contingent on the supplier posting a payment.
Weekly payment plans offer the most convenience and are best suited for companies that have short-term planning and changing business conditions. However, with this added convenience, they are not as profitable as the monthly payment plans.
7/3 Weekly Payments
This is our most expedient payment plan for you to receive your funds as quickly as possible. The payment is calculated by tallying the amount of business conducted from Monday thru Sunday on the prior week. We will then post the payment the next day and you should receive the funds in your account within 3 days. This method is attractive for entities that require the lowest days sales outstanding for invoices and rapid cash posting.
7/7 Weekly Payments
A popular option for entities that work on a traditional weekly accounting cycle. Like the 7/3 method, the week's revenue is calculated for activity that occurred during the prior week's Monday thru Sunday, but with this plan, the payment will be released to your account within 7 days.
Monthly payment structures offer the best margins and are attractive for companies that are more long term focused with their business operations. These plans offer higher profitability due to the telecommunications industry typically working on a monthly billing cycle.
30/30 Monthly Payments
This is the most reliable payment method and ideal for businesses that operate on monthly budgets and wish to take advantage of higher returns. On the first of each month, revenue is calculated from the first of the prior month till the end of that month. The payment will then be posted to your account within 30 days, with funds typically being available within 24 hours after being posted.
30/45 Monthly Payments
This method calculates revenue on the first of each month based on the prior month activity as the 30/30 method. But with this method, the payment will be released to your account within 45 days, which should post within 24 hours after being released.
30/60 Monthly Payments
This is the longest term payment plan and may be an option for entities that can wait on receiving revenue. On the first of each month, you'll get a report on revenue, again based on prior month activity and the payment will be released to your account within 60 days.

Minimum payout

Payments will be made according to the payment plan once a balance of $300/€300 has accrued on your account. We payout based on the currency the service providers use. We can, however, pay in United States Dollars or Euros if necessary.

Available Payment Methods for Premium Phone Numbers

Once you sign up for your account we will send you your personal login credentials to access your account service portal where. The portal will feature all data and statistics such as the amount of minutes and revenue that has accrued across all your premium rate numbers so you'll know what you'll be paid.
For account purposes and to ensure security, we offer two methods of issuing payments.

Bank wire

We can transfer funds via bank wire to registered companies with a company account or to Bitcoin to those who are self-employed. Bank wires are a safe, fast and secure payment method. Once we submit the bank wire transaction, it should post in your bank account within 1-3 days depending on your local banking rules and regulations. This is an ideal option if you have a registered entity with its own bank account.


Self-employed individuals can take advantage of payments via Bitcoin.

Please Note: A bank wire to a registered company costs $50 while Bitcoin charges a 3% transaction fee along with other related commissions.
As a well respected company, Vox.do will withhold payments in the event we identify fraudulent SIM cards or hacked PBXs and report the relative agencies to remedy the issue.

We will also work with our customers to ensure they are informed of the status of any compromised accounts or payment issues. These issues may be on the supplier side, and we will always pay you if the supplier pays us.

Fees and Setup Price

With Vox.do, to sign up and register your premium rate number is absolutely free. We do not charge any fees for a premium rate number. Additionally, you will not pay any account maintenance fees even if your number has zero activity. You will be paid according to the fixed rate stipulated in your Vox.do contract without any hidden fees.

How Am I Sure I'll Be Paid?

Vox.do is a legally well respected company in the premium rate number industry. We have been in the business for 10 years and our customers rate us as one of the highest premium rate number services.

If You Cannot Locate Your Payment

In the event a payment is sent out but hasn't shown up in your bank, it is usually an issue on the bank's side and we recommend first checking with your bank. Depending on your location and bank's processes payments may be delayed, especially if you have a smaller bank. If you do not see the payment within 7 days after we've released it, contact our support team.

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