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What are Premium Rate Numbers?

A premium rate number is no more than a phone number where callers can dial-in to receive information or services for a charge. There are domestic and international premium numbers and it's important to know the difference. Domestic numbers are limited within the country they are registered and each country has its specific regulations regarding the amount that may be charged and the range of numbers available. International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRNs), as the name implies, are accessible from around the world and they open the market of paid for telephony services to the global market. Additionally, many domestic markets have limited the availability of domestic premium numbers in their respective territories, so IPRNs are much more accessible. The primary advantage of a Premium Rate Number is it allows the service provider to charge for services without collecting customer credit card information.

IPRNs charge callers either a flat fee per call or per minute. Depending on the nature of the services you offer, you may decide which payment method works best for your business.

What solutions do IPRNs offer?

IPRNs offer a host of opportunities for several business solutions. You may be familiar with many service providers offering premium rate services such as TV and radio stations, fan sites, social media, etc. Classic examples are a customer support team may offer a preferred customer service number so callers can avoid hold times. An informational provider, such as an investment bank can offer informational bulletins where people can call in to receive the information they need without going through a host of menu options. Many fan sites for a sports franchise or a band offer IPRNs to communicate directly with their fans. Another aspect, is due to the anonymous nature of premium rate numbers, it is a preferred method for those who may want to be discrete about services they buy. Common niches include:
Investment tips
Donations for a cause
Quiz games
Another aspect that is often overlooked, is IPRNs offer anonymity. In this day and age, people are more concerned about "Big Tech" or government snooping into their personal lives -- not to mention the risk of hackers breaching corporate data systems. Clients who do not wish to disclose personally identifiable information, or wish to avoid sharing sensitive financial information such as credit card information, benefit through using services through a premium rate number. Because charges are handled by the caller's telephone service provider, Premium Rate Numbers offer higher efficiency as required resources to collect and manage service charges are much lower. Furthermore, due to charges going through the caller's telephony provider, IPRN services have a much lower risk of revenue lost to collecting unpaid charges, which is a significant loss of revenue for many businesses.

Who can benefit from a Premium Rate Number?

In short, anyone who has or can generate premium content. In modern times, information can carry its weight in gold. Whether you're an established brand or a budding entrepreneur, Premium Rate Numbers are a tool that opens up a new revenue stream to engage existing customers or reach out to potential customers by providing new services. The start up costs are minimal and an IPRN requires very little maintenance but offers high profit margins so if you're looking for the best payouts, this is certainly the tool for you. This is especially useful for those who already have a large inventory of premium grade content who wishes to deliver on a global scale.

In a typical scenario, a business may offer a blog or a social media presence to seed in new customers, but they do not want to give away all their tips for free. Having an IPRN is a great follow up to convert interest into revenue. For instance, a lawyer or a tax professional may blog about a recent change in a law, giving a high level overview and then ask to call in for client specific advice. Alternatively, a bookmaker may have inside analysis on an upcoming sports event and recommend calling in to get the juice.

What are the technical details of an IPRN?

The primary difference between domestic and international premium rate numbers is that on domestic numbers, the premium numbers prefix exists where a typical geographical area code would exist. IPRNs, however, are identified using the country code. This is the core advantage of an international number over a domestic one. If regulations change in a particular domestic market, because the number is international, it is mitigated from risk as the global market is still open.

Are premium rate numbers legal?

Yes! Premium Rate Numbers are an absolutely legal and legitimate method of doing business. Many entities from around the world take advantage of IPRNs to expand their client base and service their clients.

Why choose Vox to register your premium number?

First, with our many years of expertise in the business, Vox.do has the knowledge to ensure your International Premium Rate Number is registered properly. Our team of experts is always up to date on current regulations and will ensure your number is registered in compliance with current laws. This will ensure a quick and seamless registration so you can hit the ground running and focus on managing your content rather than the technicalities of activating your number.
With our service, you'll benefit from:
No setup fees
Different secure payment methods
Years of experience in telecommunications
An exclusive rate card
World class customer service


While there are many opportunities to leverage with International Premium Rate Numbers, many businesses neglect to take advantage. The barriers to enter this market are low and even the smallest entity is able to access the global market and start producing revenue in a short period. No matter which niche your business focuses on, IPRNs are a practical method to deliver premium content to a large audience with little risk.

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