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How It Works

IPRN are premium rate numbers. Some operators are willing to pay for calls to their premium numbers. We call these operators Suppliers

Generators are the entrepreneurs who make the calls

Here's how we work to create an IPRN business
Throughout our work, we support the Generator
The process of making calls (generation) begins
At the same time, we create an account for the Generator in our internal program (billing) and pass the access keys to the Generator
Once in the selected billing period, a payment is made to the client for generating calls
The Generator selects the payment term from the offered options (weekly or monthly)
Vox.do confirms successful calls
The Generator tests the numbers that are indicated in the Rate Card as test numbers
The Generators that come to us get the full Vox.do price list (Rate Card) for all rate plans. If they need help, we select the best plans individually or give recommendations on how to choose a direction of work
Vox.do aggregates many Supplier's numbers

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